💾 Relational databases with MySQL

MySQL is a world-leading, open source database management system known for its reliability, scalability and flexibility. MySQL enables developers to create robust, data-intensive applications with an efficient, relational database structure. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, from small web applications to large, mission-critical systems.

🌟 MySQL: Powerful database solutions for modern applications

Reliability and safety

MySQL offers advanced features to ensure data security, including transaction support, encryption and comprehensive access control.

High performance

With techniques such as caching, indexing and optimization tools, MySQL enables fast data queries and high transaction rates.


MySQL can be seamlessly adapted to increasing data volumes and user requests. It supports both vertical and horizontal scaling options to optimize performance and efficiency.

🌟 MySQL from a professional

Database design

Our team of experts will support you in planning and designing your database architecture. We analyze your specific requirements to develop an optimized MySQL database structure that ensures performance, security and scalability.

Customization and integration

We offer customized solutions for the integration of MySQL into your existing systems and applications. Our aim is to enable smooth data management that efficiently supports and improves your business processes.

Performance optimization

From performance optimization to security updates, we ensure that your database applications are always highly available, secure and up to date.

🌐 Application areas for MySQL databases

Web-based applications

E-commerce systems

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Enterprise applications

Financial applications

IoT applications

👨🏼‍💻 Our app development process


Get an overview

Everyone thinks differently. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand your request with all related requirements before we take the next step. Classic question-and-answer-game.

Methodology & Technology:

Professional interview


Research & Planning

We then research the current state of affairs and begin a detailed requirement analysis and IT architecture planning as a basis for preparing the offer.

Methodology & Technology:

Software Engineering
User Stories


Design & Prototyping

After you have been convinced by our offer, we usually start (in regular exchange with you) with the creation of a design concept as well as a clickable prototype.

Methodology & Technology:

Wireframes & Design



Now comes our favorite part. After approving the design and choosing the technologies to be used, we get to work on the implementation and develop your product iteratively.

Methodology & Technology:



Testing & Bugfixing

Before we let real users loose on the application, we go hunting for bugs and fix them right away. If desired, we also perform stress and performance tests.

Methodology & Technology:

DAU test


Out into the wide world!

The release day is probably your favorite part. We make the application available to real users and take over the care and maintenance of the product directly afterwards.

Methodology & Technology:

App stores
Logging & Monitoring

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🛠️ Verwendete Technologien

Mobil und Plattformübergreifend
Cloud- Dienste
Künstliche Intelligenz

Your idea is our project.
And then – We make IT happen!

Design & Coding

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MySQL is a popular, open-source relational database system that stores structured data in tables and enables a variety of operations for data queries, manipulation and management.

MySQL is characterized by its speed, reliability and ease of use. It is particularly suitable for web applications and is often used in combination with PHP.

Yes, MySQL can manage large amounts of data efficiently and is scalable to support the requirements of high-volume websites.

Yes, MySQL easily integrates with cloud environments, including services like AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL and Azure Database for MySQL.

Yes, MySQL supports transactions and fulfills the ACID properties (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) for secure and reliable data processing.

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