⚒️Custom software

If you feel like your idea doesn’t fit into either web or app development, then you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes there is not THE one application to solve a problem. In this case, we think outside the box and work out a creative, individual solution with and for you.


So many processes still run manually and in everyday life you sometimes miss the forest for the trees. This is where we join in with consultation and implementation - let's automate!

Digitization & Modularization

Part of our vision is to make the world a little more digital every day. We make analog tasks disappear and also declare war on old monoliths. We're happy to show you how powerful and important microservices are.

Cloud, BigData and Tools

42 Projects not only throws around buzzwords, but also uses them in everyday work. We can analyze data from your ERP system, make software available worldwide via the cloud, or simplify your life with additional, customized tools.