📈The company behind 42 Projects.

Once upon a time, there were two students who enjoyed programming and wanted to make a difference. This initially led to the formation of East & Young Solutions GbR. And when the whole thing took off, it became 42 Coding Solutions GmbH, with its two brands “42 Projects” and “42 Webdesign” as well as the 42 Crew.

Does the same, but is now even more professional and we are more ready than ever to provide the answer to the question of life, the universe and all the rest. In the meantime, however, we are developing software.

🎯 Our mission

Our mission is to develop new ways with software solutions individually tailored to the customer and his wishes. Processes are to be optimized, digitized and automated. New digital business areas are to be opened up and we want our customers’ customers to also be more satisfied.

Our team of generalists works tirelessly to combine professional know-how, new technologies as well as industry knowledge to develop innovative and efficient software solutions for our customers.

In doing so, we rely on continuous training in order to always keep our finger on the pulse of the times and to incorporate the latest technologies and trends into our work.

🔮Our vision

Every day, we make the world a little more digital, opening up new possibilities and simplifying people’s lives and daily routines.

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Fun at work
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⭐Our values

Partnership & handshake character

Working at eye level is out of question for us and we keep our word. We will be open and honest with you and expect the same from you.

Agile is cool, but so is a good plan

Away from buzzwords, it is important to us to work conscientiously, in a plannable and structured manner. We don’t just jump into the agile fray because of Scrum, but work out detailed concepts together with you so that you always know what you’re getting into.

We bring a breath of fresh air

We are skeptical of the “cookie cutter” approach, which does not mean that we exclude the tried and true. Nevertheless, with each new project we discuss the current technical possibilities and develop innovative software with a healthy pinch of “wow”.

The more (knowledge) the better

There is not THE one solution to a problem. But it helps to bring as many possible solutions to the table as possible before starting a project. Our team consists of generalists and supports you in thinking outside the box.

Your idea is our project.
And then – We make IT happen!

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