🌐 App development with Google Firebase

Google Firebase offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help developers quickly create, improve and scale high-quality mobile and web applications. With Firebase, you can concentrate on creating user-friendly applications without having to worry about the infrastructure. From database management and analysis to authentication and hosting, Firebase offers an all-in-one solution that supports the entire app development cycle.

🚀 Google Firebase: Fully integrated platform for app development

Real-time database & Firestore

Firebase offers two NoSQL database solutions: the real-time database and Cloud Firestore. Both enable real-time data synchronization between users and devices, which simplifies the creation of interactive and collaborative applications.

Authentication and security

With Firebase Auth, the platform offers a simple but secure authentication solution that supports the integration of different login methods (such as email/password, social media and phone numbers) while providing robust security features.

Analytics & growth

Firebase Analytics provides deep insights into user behavior, while services like Firebase Cloud Messaging and Google AdMob help developers expand their user base and generate revenue through their apps.

App development with Firebase from a professional

Consulting and conception

Our experts provide sound advice and support you in designing your projects with Firebase by offering best practices and technical guidelines tailored to your specific requirements.

Development and integration

We develop customized solutions that are fully integrated into the Firebase ecosystem, from authentication to data analytics, to ensure a seamless user experience.

Maintenance and scaling

After the launch of your app, we offer continuous maintenance, update and scaling services to optimize the performance of your application and keep it up to date.

🌐 We develop individual app solutions with Firebase

Mobile apps

Progressive Web Apps

E-commerce apps

Social networks

Game development

IoT applications

👨🏼‍💻 Our app development process


Get an overview

Everyone thinks differently. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand your request with all related requirements before we take the next step. Classic question-and-answer-game.

Methodology & Technology:

Professional interview


Research & Planning

We then research the current state of affairs and begin a detailed requirement analysis and IT architecture planning as a basis for preparing the offer.

Methodology & Technology:

Software Engineering
User Stories


Design & Prototyping

After you have been convinced by our offer, we usually start (in regular exchange with you) with the creation of a design concept as well as a clickable prototype.

Methodology & Technology:

Wireframes & Design



Now comes our favorite part. After approving the design and choosing the technologies to be used, we get to work on the implementation and develop your product iteratively.

Methodology & Technology:



Testing & Bugfixing

Before we let real users loose on the application, we go hunting for bugs and fix them right away. If desired, we also perform stress and performance tests.

Methodology & Technology:

DAU test


Out into the wide world!

The release day is probably your favorite part. We make the application available to real users and take over the care and maintenance of the product directly afterwards.

Methodology & Technology:

App stores
Logging & Monitoring

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Cloud- Dienste
Künstliche Intelligenz

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And then – We make IT happen!

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Google Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform that helps developers create, manage and scale their apps more efficiently.

Firebase Auth offers a variety of authentication methods and integrates seamlessly with your application to provide a secure and user-friendly login experience.

Yes, with Firebase Analytics, developers can gain valuable insights into their users’ behavior to make informed decisions and improve the user experience.

Yes, Firebase offers flexible APIs and SDKs that enable seamless integration with existing backend systems and services to simplify and accelerate development processes.

Yes, Firebase applications benefit from Google’s global infrastructure, which enables easy scaling and high availability worldwide to deliver consistent performance to users everywhere.

Firebase provides extensive security features, including authentication services, database security rules and the ability to control access to data and services to ensure user security and privacy.

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