Examination app


The good old days! You test a hydraulic system and what is the most clever way to do it in Germany? With pen and paper, of course. Back then our customer used a printed test report to put the customer's equipment through its paces. Afterwards, his assistant then typed up the protocol by hand in the office and only then sent it digitally to the actual customer as proof. We have therefore developed a smart and easy-to-use app that can even be used to perform checks in offline mode via digital questionnaire. For better documentation, pictures can also be taken directly for each question with the tablet camera and can be attached to the protocol. After the inspection is completed, a digital protocol is sent as a PDF directly to the inspector's office and, if necessary, also directly to the customer. Thus, numerous manual steps could be simplified and automated. The app was developed using Ionic, which communicates with a Node.js backend and a MongoDB database (NoSQL) behind it. Deployment was done via an automated pipeline and - of course - Docker containers.


The customer does not wish to be named. He operates a service company that tests hydraulic systems for safety (comparable to a TÜV seal).








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