WooCommerce tool


Under the project name "CYAN" we developed a custom tool that synchronizes data between a Shopware and a WooCommerce store. New items should be transferred from one store to the other, and vice versa, incoming orders in one store should update the quantities in the other store, so that no incorrect orders can be placed. It was a particular challenge to get the two different store systems to work together. In addition to some custom PHP development for the stores' APIs, we implemented an Angular-based web platform. Users can log in (Node.js backend and MongoDB database in the background) and then monitor the synchronization process, analyze any errors that occur and, if necessary, trigger the process manually. In the process, the platform components were wrapped in Docker containers.


The client does not want to be named further, but runs a Shopware store for their main brand and a WordPress store for a certain sub-range of their goods.






Consulting & conception