Health portal


For the Federal Employment Agency (BA), we are engaged as an external service provider and act there as part of a separate and colorful team of developers. In this context, we accompany the development or further development of the project COMED-R, a portal of the medical service for the processing of health data. Our tasks mainly involve the redesign as well as the new development and extension of the old system COMED. New features, such as a task management system, will be implemented and various specialist services will be connected via interfaces in order to provide contract physicians with the best possible support. In addition to technical implementation, we also act as technical consultants and provide support in the creation of concepts and proof of concepts (PoC). The tech stack consists of a SQL database, Java on the backend and Angular on the frontend. Furthermore, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Rancher technologies and services are used for automated deployment (CI/CD) and cluster orchestration.


The Federal Employment Agency, headquartered in Nuremberg, is the federal agency that provides services for the labor market, in particular job placement and job promotion, and, as the administrative body of the German unemployment insurance system, regulates financial compensation benefits, e.g., unemployment benefits.






Consulting & conception