Lumoo Explain


Lumoo has set itself two goals. First of all, they want to counteract loneliness in old age through a matching concept. The second part addresses the lack of digital literacy among older people. This is where Lumoo Explain comes in. The app was developed by us on behalf of Lumoo to be able to present educational content on digital topics. Whether theoretical knowledge, courses, vocabulary training, lexicon or quiz. The app has numerous exciting features. In doing so, we adapted to Lumoo's tech stack and implemented the platform-independent app using the Ionic framework as well as Google Firebase as the database backend mix.


Lumoo is a young start-up in the social sector, founded by Julia and Uta to combat the problem of loneliness in old age. Users can create a classic profile and enter their interests and hobbies. After that, they are matched Tinder-style to have the possibility to spend time together. The founders also recognized that there is a barrier to entry in the digital space among their target audience. This is to be circumvented with Lumoo Explain.







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