Project planning tool


LandsAid e.V. operates worldwide and implements various campaigns and projects. Collaborations with local cooperation partners in the respective country also play a major role, and the project scope in general can become very complex very quickly. For the simple and intuitive planning of these projects as well as the economic review for the use of the financial resources, we have therefore developed an individual project planning platform. It has a lean design, multilingualism, role management of different user groups and some relevant features in terms of project management and controlling. For example, documents and photos can be stored in the media library, notes and tasks can be created for the project, and the use of funds can be monitored via a cashbook. We implemented all of this with the following tech stack: Angular is used in the frontend, which in turn communicates with a Node.js backend and a MongoDB database in the background. Furthermore, the individual components are deployed in Docker containers.


LandsAid e.V. is a voluntary association dedicated to worldwide humanitarian aid. LandsAid helps without regard to ethnic origin, nationality, social status, political conviction, gender or religion. The employees implement aid projects worldwide, for example by providing medical aid in the event of a disaster. Additionally, project work and the training of emergency personnel are also part of their field of activity.


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