Hearing Aid App


An app for hearing aid users? Sounds strange? That's what we thought at first too! But hardly anyone realizes that many younger people also already use hearing aids (e.g. construction workers or DJs). In addition, many elderly people have become more and more proficient in terms of using a smartphone. To provide an even better experience for his customers, Andi from Hörgeräte Detter decided to bundle some valuable features within a platform-independent app. For example, you can find care instructions and videos for your individual device, you can perform hearing tests and keep a hearing diary, and you are reminded of service appointments via push notification. For this app we also decided to use Ionic and communicate with a Node.js backend with MongoDB in the background. To make it as easy as possible for customers to set up the app, we have also come up with a "treat". At the customer's request, an account with important default settings can be created directly via C# service and connection to the customer management tool, so that the customer only has to log in.


Hearing Aids Detter is a proven expert in hearing aid acoustics with the most modern models of hearing aids. You can get advice and support and enjoy life again with all your senses! Customer satisfaction is paramount, and you will be helped to find the hearing aid that is right for each individual, so that you can fully participate in all of life again as quickly as possible. The entire team offers you all the services of a modern hearing aid acoustics business.


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