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A very important sales channel for Bert's Weinexpress is still on-site wine sales. And how can you further improve the sales experience with direct customer contact? By letting the salesperson know what is important to the customer and what his/her preferences are even before the first "hello". With the tablet app we developed for Bert's Weinexpress sales staff, all they have to do is enter their customer number and they can immediately see on the dashboard which wines the customer prefers, which ones they don't like at all, what order volume they had with which budget in which time period, and much more. Of course, the focus must still be on the conversation and the app should only provide support. We took this into account in the layout of the UI and integrated numerous other features, such as a tab for special offers. The app was developed using Ionic as the app framework, Node.js for the backend and a MongoDB database. The whole thing is garnished with Docker containers.


Already during his studies, the company founder and native of the Southern Palatinate, Bert Seiter, brought the wines of vintners from his hometown of Edesheim to Regensburg, in order to convey them here to a rapidly growing clientele. Soon, however, he also devoted himself to the import of Portuguese wines and was one of the first to do so in Germany in 1988 - Bert's Weinexpress was founded! Since then, the company's activities have developed dynamically. In direct import Bert's Weinexpress obtains wines from more than 140 wineries from all over Europe as well as from South Africa. In the historic vaulted cellars in the Winzer district of Regensburg, an average of 120,000 bottles of wine are stored, which reach renowned partners in the gastronomy and trade sectors, in Germany and in Europe from here.


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